Otis Russell, a long-time resident (only 128 years shy of being a native), might be more recognizable to most in Chatham with a bar in front of him and bottles behind.  He was one of two fixtures (with Tim Wood) to grace the stage at the AoC Auction and Raffle for its full run of 12 annual presentations.  His love of the Lower Cape is perhaps exceeded only by his sense of irony/humor

Sheila grew up in Connecticut and spent summers on the Cape, where her family always felt the most at home. Her parents eventually retired to Chatham and after spending 26 years post-college in Northern Vermont, Sheila decided that she wanted to move back to her beloved roots near the ocean. Her friends in Vermont were not happy with this development, but she sees them often, especially during summer months when they come down from the mountains to taste the salt air.. Sheila has worked for 20+ years as a counselor with teens, and is constantly amazed and touched by their honesty, their struggles, and the creative ways they manage their lives. She joined the Art of Charity because Otis (who has known her and her family for over 40 years) asked her to and because he assured het that the rest of the board would amuse her. He was accurate in that assessment. What a great group of cultural activists!

Matt got roped into the Art of Charity in the early days helping wrangle the art for the auctions. He moved to Chatham right out of college for a job, and when the job moved away he stayed, having found his home. As a ‘utility player’ you may have seen him around town in any number of contexts - as a teacher, martial arts instructor, after school club leader, that guy fixing things so that plays go on at the middle school, or perhaps keeping track of the kids on a writers’ retreat. In general, he sees his role as the one who makes sure, “The show must go on.”

John grew up in a small fishing village named Oyster Bay, on the Long Island Sound. When he moved to Chatham 20 years ago he felt he had come home.  Soon after arrival, he volunteered to work on the AoC “Fun”d raising auction held each summer in Chase Park to support local children’s organizations. In time he became a member of the AoC Board. John brings a mature voice to the AoC board.

Jean grew up in Minnesota, California, Hawaii, Japan, & Boston – with dirt from everywhere else on her shoes and between her toes. Given a chance, she would fly away anywhere at the drop of a hat as those toes have remained itchy.  The thing that has kept her nailed to Cape Cod is her husband Andy who gives her a whole lot of reasons to stay.  So she does, and since her other love is kids (her own and others), and her third love is giving away money. 


Art of Charity has helped nail her to the sand since its onset.  She’s worked in the local schools and in town government; now retired, stays busy helping AoC, Monomoy Dollars for Scholars and the Archives Department at the Chatham Historical Society/Atwood House Museum.  


Otis and Tim always made sure that they were center stage during Art of Charity events.  They were lucky to have me as I was the one who made sure the stage was there for them to stand on!  I’m still making sure they have center stage, one way or another….

Pat grew up in Brockton, but has always had a home on Cape Cod. The deciding moment to move to the Cape for good comes with a very vivid thirty year old memory. It was traveling the Southeast Expressway through Boston to the North Shore for business, sitting in a four hour traffic jam, in the tunnel, while drivers were expressly communicating to each. Marriage, kids and owning an insurance business have made those 30 years seem like a blink of an eye. Pat has always been involved with the local kids – coaching, cub scouts, youth groups – because kids matter. Art of Charity supported all those activities. Helping raise those funds with the wacky but refreshing group of AoC was a great way to keep helping kids.

Tim Wood would rather be reading comic books than working, but work he does, as the editor of the Cape Cod Chronicle. In his spare time he puts his kids through their daily workout and thinks up ways to give away Art of Charity's money.

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